MTV Jazz.
6.18.05 MTV JAZZ

You know those non verbal animation/cgi they flash once every so often on MTV? I don't know what you call that kind of job but I think that's what I want to do for a living. I don't actually know the mechanics of that kind of job though. Whether or not there would be a board of members or a committee to discuss the concept and a whole meticulous complicated and utterly stupid step-by-step process to brainstorm and to statistically study how the human preference part of the brain work to make a damn 20 second movie but I don't imagine it to be that way (Run-on sentences make a world a better place I always say). I imagine that I'll wake up everyday around 1 pm and lounge for a while until I come up with an idea (any idea willl do) then I'll sit in front of my computer and animate the idea using some program and put some sound effects (Yeah, I will conform with the no-word policy) and then they'll pay me. That's all I'll be doing the whole day everyday and if I get bored or tired every once in a while I'll rest by grabbing a bag of oishi and dipping the a prawn cracker or two in a cup of sweetened yogurt (with live microorganisms) every now and then. How happy my life would be.

I was thinking, by the time I'll be working, television would probably be considered as boring and obsolete for the advancement of computer technology would probably have reached its peak. The human population would be probably be interested by something else, for they finally come to realize that sitting around and looking at motioning people pretending to be people they aren't is not really that fun anyway. But I was thinking further, that the only reason television wouldn't be extinct is because of people's anticipation to see my latest MTV animation. Pagtyatyagaan nila ang 5 hours of lame pop music videos and MTV punk'd inorder to see my animations and it'll be worth it. After 20 seconds they'll say "ang ganda" and then they'll turn the TV off to go on with the rest of their pathetic lives as if nothing was changed ( which is probably be true).

On a long enough timeline though, they'll eventually get to think, "hey, what's the point of waiting 5 hours for some stupid MTV commercials which don't make a better world a better place anyway, they don't bring back dodobirds, they don't bring eternal salvation or world peace and even millions of mtv commercials won't save one of the millions of people dying with aids ", but then they'll conclude "Who cares.? They're beautiful anyway". And maybe they won't. And if they won't, who knows, they'll eventually be enlightened and say "fuck technology, fuck TV, fuck the creator of this damn animation, I'm gonna save the world".

They'll curse me, but what they don't know is that corporations are paying me big bucks for "saving" their endangered businesses. And what the corporations don't know is that what they're paying me for awakens the sleeping idealistic anti-consumerism rebel in people. And then the corporations would pay me more. The corporation vs anti-consumerist war continues forever blaming each other for all the chaos and bleakness of the world forever and ever as I get to be richer, make more MTV animations and eat more oishi's. How happy my life would be.

But that's too ambitious of me. I mean, the fact that the computer has already gotten me hypnotised into thinking that boredom means reflexively grabbing the mouse and holding it and clicking it until forever has already left only half of my brain unconsumed by radiation, what more if I depend on it to survive this consumerist society.? How sad. Maybe I should ponder first how I could possible contemplate how I can compensate for the missing half of my brain before I think about my future.

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