A Chain Letter That Really Works.

This chainletter is so impressive! It really works! See for yourself! And it will reveal more about you than any other chainletter in the world! It will leave you aghast!

If you ignore this BLOODY MARY, Jenna, and some other unrested freaks will lay their hands off you, your wish will come true, you'll have good luck for 666 years and your crush will say "I love you" and kiss you and you'll even get a badge that says " I am some desperate SHIT who's got more faith in some pathetic bulletin board post than in herself" and a smack on a head for free! And guess what! You'll even realize how acutely depressing it is for other people to acknowledge that you are from the same species as they are. And you, I hope, will change.

If you otherwise forward this, you'll have bad carma for the next 12846302 years, you will suffer doom in hell, and some DEAD ROTTING manananggal or capre or tikbalang will eat your prostate if you are a male and your vagina if your a female. Though, God bless your soul for NOT believing this fucking empty threat and thus being a living evidence that not all internet users are crappy wastes of two billion years of evolution. Mabuhay ka. Ikaw ang pag-asa ng mundo.

Usually, people who take time following instructions of chainletters are educated people, most who've got good grammars, some are even honors and valedictorians of their batch. Probably, they study better than I do, they are knowledgeable of more things, they're more responsible/ more successful than I am, and they, I suppose, spend less time bumming around doing nothing unlike me. That's why I can't quite figure out why the fuck do they have, I believe, such low self-esteem. I can't see why they prove themselves over and over again that they have a kind of sick desperation and paranoia in their brains. They trust more in chainletters than they trust in themselves.

I mean like duh!, if such chainletters were true which I no doubtly think arenít, would it make them happy if those people they admire would like them because of some stupid chainletter instead of because of who they really are? And Bloody Mary is pathetic enough to run after them? And do they really think that people are defined by their looks? That they're so weak that they they need emails to "make their dreams come true" instead of working for it? That having brown hair makes you "irresistible and popular"? Is it that they can't even recognize what their characteristics are that they rely instead in "quizzes"? Don't they even know who they are? Whatever then. Do what you like.

I mean hey, It's me who's gonna suffer badluck for 12846302 years not you right?

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